Frequently Asked Questions

Can I order a single cover?

Yes, we do orders from 1 to 1000+

What materials do you have?

We have three types in various colours - our Corporate material has a leather look and our Executive and Metallic ranges have a linen/canvas look. Each colour has a code number on the back of the colour swatch; please quote this when ordering.

What is the difference between the materials?

Very little apart from the look. On average the Corporate range lasts 3-5 years while the Executive and Metallic 5-8 years (some have lasted up to 14 years!)

Can I see a sample of your covers?

Yes, we are happy to send you a sample of your choice, together with a colour swatch of our materials so you can match your covers to your colour scheme.

Can I get my logo printed on the covers?

Absolutely! We are able to hot foil (in a variety of colours) or emboss your logo onto your covers. For this, we need you to supply us with a high resolution PDF file (300dpi or more), which should be in black and white, and if possible with no shading.

Is there a difference in price between hot foil and embossing?

No, they are priced the same.

Can I change details on my logo once the block has been made?

No, the blocks are made of metal, and once made they cannot be altered. A new block would have to be made.

Do you have your own blocks we can use if we don't want to put our logo on?

Yes, we have them in many different fonts with phrases such as 'Menu', 'Wine List' and 'Guest Information'. We can email or post you a page illustrating our standard 'blocks in stock'. It is a cheapaer way of hot foiling your folders, or you can use them in conjunction with your logo.

Are plastic pockets, metal corners, logos etc included in the cover prices?

No, these are classed as extras. Screws are included in the cover price.

What is the best cover style to hold 20 plastic pockets or more?

Definitely Screw style. They can hold 20+ plastic pockets easily (40 sides of information). Our other 'Plastic Pocket' style can only hold 10 pockets before becoming too bulky.

Do you sell Plastic Pockets or Screws separately if we need more?

Yes we do. Just let us know how many.

How do we order?

We prefer your order by email. We will reply to and confirm your order, and ask any relevant questions.

How long will it take to make my order?

As a general rule it takes from two to four weeks from a confirmed written order. Please let us know if you need them urgently.

Can you send us prices so we get a better idea of the cost?

Certainly. Let us know your requirements and we can send you a quote.

How do we pay?

We require a 50% deposit with your order, and the balance of payment before any order is dispatched. We will send you an invoice in advance which can be paid either by internet banking or cheque. We have no facility to handle credit cards. Once payment is received we dispatch your order by courier.


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